WWE’s Famous Wrestler Revealed Big, Rape 2 Times

Rape is such a crime. For which no one should be forgiven. Some girls do not believe in fear of respect, such a heinous crime has happened to them. Now world famous female wrestler Stephanie Nicole Garcia Coles who is known in the world of WWE Nikki bella Is known as He told that he was raped twice during school time.

Famous female wrestler now told that she was raped in school

Famous female wrestler

WWE Fans are now spread all over the world. The players who play it also get recognition at the world level. One of them is known to one of the most famous female wrestler, Nikki Bella. Whose real name is Stephanie Nicole Garcia Coles. Now he has made a big disclosure about his old life.

Nikki Bella has now told that when she was 15 years old. At that time, he was raped by one of his schoolmates. After some time, he was then raped by an educated colleague. Such an incident shakes everyone in school. This statement of a famous female wrestler shows a mirror to the society.

Female wrestler Nikki Bella had gone into depression

WWE's Famous Women Wrestler Reveals Big 2, Her Rape 3

After being raped in this way, Nikki Bella told that she was ashamed of herself for having such an incident twice. She began to believe herself to be responsible for this. Nikki Bella never mentioned this incident to anyone due to this shame. For which she had gone into depression also.

Due to which his life was completely spoiled. He took the help of the therapist to get out. Only after that did she recover from this incident. Nikki Bella faced many more difficulties. After which she has reached this stage today.

Nikki Bella is a big name in the world of wrestling

WWE's Famous Women Wrestler Reveals Big 2, Her Rape 4

She with her sister Wrestling Appeared in the world of. He entered the world of WWE in 2007 itself. After which he never looked back. The two sisters also won the Deva Championship together in 2011. Nikki Bella ruled the world of wrestling for 12 years. On 24 March 2019, he has said goodbye to this game.

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