WWE RAW, July 23, 2019 Result


Today was a special reunin episode of Raw. Today we got to see almost all the old wrestlers in Raw and today’s Raw was quite good. Today Raw started with the return of John Cena. John Cena welcomed all the audience in his style. Then Usos came to the ring and talked to John Cena. Then Rikishi came to the ring and had fun with John Cena. Then came Revival and De Vaughan and there was a match between Usos and Revival.

Match 1. Usos defeated Revival

This was the first match today and it was a good match. Rikishi was outside the ring with Usos and Di Vaughan with Revival. Usos won the match and celebrated with Rikishi.

Backstage, Drave Mavrek peed R Truth and became the new 24/7 champion.

Match 2. Drew McEntire defeated Cedric Alexander

Showing his power, McNauty won the match very easily.

In backstage, Hall of Famer Pat Patterson drank Drave Mavrek and became the new 24/7 champion.

Match 3. Viking Riders defeated Major Brothers

The Viking Riders beat the Major Brothers in this match with a great performance and won this match.

Backstage, Briscoe drank Pat Patterson and won the 24/7 championship, but immediately Callie Kelly drank Brixo and she became the new 24/7 champion.

Match 4. Roman Rains defeated Samoa Joe

WWE RAW, July 23, 2019 Result 2

Before this match, the two got crowded, but in the match, Roman Rains gave a great performance and won this match.

In the next segment, Seth Rollins came in Mid Tiwi and Seth Rollins warned Brock Lesnar.

In backstage, Candice Mitchell drank Callie Callie and won the championship 24/7, but immediately Blaizhai won the title by drinking Candis.

Match 5. Ray Mysterio defeated Sammy Jane

This match was good and this match was won by Ray Mysterio. Between this match, RVD, Hurricane, Kurt Angle and Slugter came to support Ray Mysterio.

In the next segment, Ted Dibiasi took the 24/7 championship out of Blaise by paying money and Ted Dibiasi became the new champion.

Match 6. Seth Rollins defeated AJ Styles from DQ

Between this match, Anderson and Galos attacked Seth Rollins and killed him, but DX and NWO came to the ring and sided with Seth Rollins and the segment ended.

In the next segment, Mavrek drank Ted DiBiasi and became the champion again, but R Truth drank Mavrek and R Truth became the champion and ran away.

Mick Foley came into the ring in the next segment, but Brey Wyatt came and attacked him and this segment ended.

In the last segment of today all the old superstars came to the ring and Stone Cold brought back the old memories and celebrated together with everyone and today’s Raw was over.


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