WWE PPV Clash of Champions Results


Today the PPV Clash of Champions PPV was played. In this PPV, all the championship titles were at stake and today’s event was well liked by all. Now let us look at the results of this PPV matches.

Match 1. Cruiserweight Championship Triple Trait Match, Drew Gulak defeated Lince Dorado and Humberto Carillo

This match was played in the pre show which was a good match. All three wrestlers performed very well in this match, but in the end Drew Gulak won this match while saving his championship.

Match 2. US Championship match, AJ Styles defeated Sendrick Alexjender


This match was also a good match. AJ Styles defeated Sendric with a brilliant performance. After this match, Galos and Anderson also came into the ring and together with AJ Styles, Kendrick Alexander hit him a lot.

Match 3. Raw Tag Team Championship Match, Dolph Ziggler and Robert Rude defeated Seth Rollins and Bron Strowman

This was the first match of the man show today. This match was good. Rollins and Strowman played well together, but Seth Rollins and Bron Strowman lost the match due to a mistake and Dolph Ziggler and Robert Rood became the new Raw Tag Team champions.

Match 4. SmackDown Women’s Championship Match, Bailey defeated Charlotte


The match ran very short and ended very soon. Bailey cleverly defeated Charlotte and saved her title.

Match 5. SmackDown Tag Team Championship Match, Revival defeated New Day

This match was a great one. Revival performed extremely well in this match. Revival took advantage of the injury of Xavier Woods and won the match in a great style and the Revival became the new SmackDown Tag Team champions.

Match 6. Women’s Tag Team Championship Match, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross defeated Mendy Rose and Sonaya


This match was a good match. In this match, Nikki Cross performed amazingly. In the end, Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross won the match and saved their title.

Match 7. Intercontinental Championship match, Nakamura defeated The Miz

This match was also a great match. Samee Jain was present in this match with Nakamura who was constantly harassing Miz. In the end, Nakamura won the match with the help of Samee Jain and saved his title.

Match 8. Sasha Banks defeated Becky Lynch from Raw Women’s Championship Match, DQ


This match was a great match. During this match, both of them performed amazingly. Sasha Banks showed that she is no less than Becky Lynch. During this match, the referee was mistaken by Becky Lynch because of which the match ended and DQ made Sasha the winner, but Becky Lynch saved his title from it.

Match 9. WWE Championship Match, Coffee Kingston defeated Randy Orton

This match was fantastic. Both wrestlers performed amazing and showed why both of them are amazing wrestlers. Coffee Kingston defeated Randy Orton in this great match and saved his title.

Match 10. No Disqualification Match, Eric Rowan defeated Roman Rains


This match was also a very exciting and fantastic match. Roman Rains and Eric Rowan beat each other a lot in this match and used sticks from Khursi. Luke Harper returned at the end of the match and he teamed up with Eric Rowan to hit Roman Rains and the match was won by Eric Rowan.

Match 11. Universal Championship match, Seth Rollins defeated Bron Strowman

This was the last match today, which was excellent. In this match, Seth Rollins performed amazingly, but even Bron Strowman was not ready to give up. Finally, Seth Rollins gave Padigree and Karb Stom and defeated Bron Strowman and saved his title.

As soon as the match was over, the lights finally turned off and Bray Wyatt was standing behind Seth Rollins in the avatar of Find and Bray Wyatt gave Sister Rollins to Sister Abagal and struck out Seth Rollins in a mood of fun and this great event today has over.


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