Why Hardik Pandya is not able to score against England, Rameez Raja told this special lack

New Delhi Team India’s Big Hitter batsman Hardik Pandya has not been able to bat according to his ability in the last three matches against England. Former Pakistan cricket team captain Rameez Raja has told about why Hardik Pandya has not been able to open shots against the bowlers of England so far. He said that in fact, England has found a way to control Hardik Pandya and that is why he is not able to play openly in this T20 series. 

In the first T20 match against England, Pandya scored 19 runs facing 21 balls, while in the third match, he scored 17 runs off 15 balls. In both these matches, Team India batted first and Pandya also had a chance. Rameez Raja told that, 27-year-old Hardik Pandya is not able to open his shots against short pitch balls and it is clear after that. 

Raja said on his YouTube channel that, England bowlers are using a bouncer fiercely against them because they know that they cannot bowl full or spin bowling to Pandya. In such a condition, he is constantly bowling him short-of-good length and Pandya’s bat is not able to play against it.  

Rameez Raja said that, Hardik Pandya is having trouble playing openly against short pitch ball and the way he is a batsman, 17 runs from 20 balls seem to be very less. Pandya is not able to score fast and the team suffers a loss. 

He said, ‘Pandya is having a lot of trouble playing shots against such short pitch bowlers. The kind of batsman he is, 17 runs off 20 balls seems very low. He builds a base from there and attacks the opposition team fiercely. The whole team is at a loss due to their rapid runs not being able to score. 

According to Raja, the England fast bowlers have put the right pressure on the Indian top and middle order. Raja said that if the England bowlers are dismissing the Indian top order early, the pressure increases. Ishaan Kishan is batting at number three and England has also adopted a good strategy of throwing short balls to him and in the third match, they could not even score runs. 

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