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You must have seen a lot of movies where the hero and heroine are seen playing their roles in the CM or important post of 1 day. If one such incident is seen in films and it happens in real life, then everyone is left dumbfounded. Yes, a college student from a small village in the state of Uttarakhand will appear as the Chief Minister for 1 day. You read perfectly well 24 January 2021 The girl child will be made a 1 day Chief Minister of Uttarakhand during the session of Bal Sabha, which is also celebrated as National Girl Child Day. Let’s know in detail.

Who is Srishti Goswami

Name Shrishti Goswami
Date of Birth2002
EducationB.Sc Agriculture at BSM PG College Roorkee
Father’s NamePravin
Mother’s’ NameSudha
Fathers occupationBuisness

Who will be the Chief Minister for 1 day?

Srishti Goswami, who lives in Daulatpur, a small village in Haridwar, will be made the Chief Minister of one day. B.SM PG College in Roorkee, Srishti, studying B.Sc Agriculture, has been involved in girl development activities along with education. Srishti Goswami will be made the Chief Minister of the state of Uttarakhand on 24th January on the occasion of National Girl Child Day. Normally, a child science meeting is organized by the government every 3 years in Uttarakhand. This year, the program of constitution of the child assembly to be held once in three years in 2021 will be held on 24th January 2021 on National Girl Child Day.

Srishti will investigate departments

You will be surprised to know that many departments of the state will give a presentation in front of Chief Minister Srishti Goswami about the current situation of the state. Reviewing those presentations, Srishti can also give suggestions about the reforms to take place in those departments. Of all the issues, Srishti will pay more attention to the issues related to the girl child. For the first time in history, on the occasion of National Girl Child Day, the government has taken this important step in the direction of girl empowerment. With this decision of the government, Srishti has made her state more proud and thanked her well wishers.

Srishti Goswami’s family

Born into a simple family, Srishti’s father Praveen runs a small shop to maintain his life and maintains his entire family. Also, Srishti’s mother, whose name is Sudha, is also very hardworking who is an anganwadi worker. She has studied and has always been associated with the world and has always brightened her name with her good performance. Let us tell you that Srishti was also elected as the lawmaker of Bal Sabha in the year 2018. Then in the year 2019, Srishti was also sent to Thailand for international leadership of girls.

Srishti’s father has always been very proud of him.He said in the statement that Shashi has a passion for doing something for the society since childhood, he has always given his better suggestions in the matters of girl empowerment. She also told that she has joined a social organization that encourages girls to study further and grow.

If there are more such girls in the fallen country, then the list of those who illuminate the name of the country will become very long. Srishti Goswami has changed the history of the Indian state of Uttarakhand with historical steps. If the girl who can do so amazing at such a young age, then she will surely illuminate the name of this country along with her parents in other countries and countries. Today, everyone is proud of such a daughter of India and should be.

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