Roman Rance described how ‘top cow’ is made in WWE

  • Everyone wants to be a big superstar in WWE but only a few become top stars.
  • Roman Rance is currently the biggest face in WWE and also the Universal Champion

WWE Universal champion Roman Rance recently knocked in Corey Graves’ After the Bell podcast. Where Roman Rance talked about the WWE on the locker room and many other issues. Roman Rance will now defend the WWE Universal title against his brother Jay Uso in the Clash of Champions on 28 September. Roman Rance has told how the locker room environment is and how difficult it is to become a top cow.


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What did Roman Rance say about the WWE locker room?

Roman Rance told the podcast that people here want to be the top cow, but when it comes to hard work, people back off.


Everyone wants push. If these people don’t push me, I probably wouldn’t be here. But sometimes this work becomes difficult here. You want that you are the top cow but you cannot work for three days. You can’t work too hard. You can’t put a little too much after the show and before. There are many things due to which you stay away from your family for many days or even years. This is not a job, it is a way of life. I want a life like you but a little different.


Roman Rance also explained the state of the WWE Locker Room and how everyone wants to be the Top Guy in WWE.


I saw a lot of people and I wanted to push them and establish them as a cow. I wanted to take responsibility for the locker room. I felt that I was doing something right. It used to be that one week everything would go right, but later there was a problem. This is the specialty of the locker room. Everybody was ready to perform. No matter how bad the situation was, everyone enjoyed this work. When you have been doing this work for the last many years, then you get to know the front.

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