Ritika Phogat Suicide Case: Government’s big statement after Ritika Phogat’s suicide, Sports Minister took this decision

Kurukshetra, [Jagamahendra Saroha]. Ritika Phogat Suicide Case: The Haryana government has made a big statement in the suicide case of Babita and Geeta Phogat’s maternal sister Ritika Phogat. Sports Minister and former hockey captain Sandeep Singh said that the Sports Department is churning this time. Soon, stadiums and sports nurseries will be equipped with gynecologists and counselors.

Sports Minister Sandeep Singh said that the Sports Department will soon formulate a policy. The sports minister has taken this decision after taking steps such as suicide after the Rohtak’s Akhada massacre and the subsequent loss of match to the Mamre sister of Dangal girl Babita Fougat. The Sports Minister has also expressed concern in this and gave tips to the players to convert them to victory instead of taking the loss in the match.

Sports experts will also be consulted

Sports Minister Sandeep Singh discussed this topic in detail with Dainik Jagran after being busy in the assembly session. Sandeep Singh said that it is not necessary to train sports in the stadium. It is important to make a player mentally strong as well. The sports department will soon start work in this direction. Sports experts will also be consulted on this.

These two big events of the state’s sports venue

In the Mehar Singh Arena of Rohtak, five days ago, including Sukhvindra Singh, his coach Manoj Malik and his wife were shot dead by coach Sukhvindra Singh. In this incident, the three-year-old son of Manoj Malik, who was seriously injured by the bullet, was also killed. Accused Sukhvindra is originally from Baroda village of Gohana and he was a rival to the head coach of the arena, Manoj Malik Vasi Sargathal.


Ritika, the maternal sister of Dangal girl Babita Faugat, committed suicide. Police investigation revealed that Ritika, a resident of Jaitpur village in Jhunjhunu district of Rajasthan, was undergoing training at the academy run by her uncle Mahavir Phogat for the last five years. From 12 to 14 March, he participated in the state level sub junior wrestling competition in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. She lost in the final. She could not recover from this shock.

The team probing the house of Samalkha MLA Dharam Singh Chaukkar.

Sports Minister gives condolences to players

Win and lose. These two things are with the person in life or sports. In this, embracing death after defeat is very painful for the society. I have been a hockey player myself. Many matches have come out of hand. A player is sad in this, but the player should not be so desperate to take steps like committing suicide. The player needs to convert the defeat into tomorrow’s win today.

Sunaina Chautala presenting a plow to Punjab artist Sonia Mann.

Players need to be strong in both physical and mental conditions. Counseling of players was done during the Corona period. It is painful to kill a number of people including the head coach in Rohtak Arena and now commit suicide after a player loses the match. The Sports Department will be counseling the players in the stadium and nurseries. For this, a psychiatric specialist or other experts will be hired if needed.

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