How to make money with online sports betting? : Tips for betting in Cricket(Dream 11, Ballebaazi).

It has become very easy to earn online from internet.
Now every person can earn from home by using their mobile or laptop sitting at home through internet.

There are many ways to earn from online sports.
1) Dream 11
You can earn a lot of money with Dream 11. The Dream 11 app is very easy to use when you watch an IPL cricket match, then you must have seen an advertisement of Mahendra Singh Dhoni in the middle. If you also want to make Mahendra Singh Dhoni, then create your Dream 11 Team. Now many people don’t know what  Dream 11 actually is ? and how to play and win it.Friends, in today’s post, we are going to tell you about “Dream 11 fantasy cricket”, after reading this post completely, there is nothing like it What you will not know …

Like you know how much craze of IPL cricket match in the whole world. Because it has almost all the cricket team of the world. And when all those teams are combined and separate teams are formed, then its thrill is increased.

If you are fond of watching and playing cricket matches. And you are always updated from the world of cricket, so you can earn millions of rupees by making your dream 11 team. In this way you can really earn money online.

2) Ballebaazi
Ballebaazi is also used like a Dream 11.
Ballebaazi aap also has its own team selection.
Just imagine if you got the money to do the right prediction?

Yes, fantasy cricket app gives you the chance to team with the best performers and if your team wins the most points, you can win a lot more.

Fantasy has been the favorite of cricket fans for the last few years, but you have to invest money to be a part of it. However, with the arrival of, India’s fastest growing fantasy league, you can join the league with just one or two rupees and win big price by predicting your best team.

A player has the option to play three games. (Batting fantasy, classic fantasy or bowling fantasy)

In a classic fantasy, a player can choose both teams with a team of 11. The performance of the players selected in the team shows how much money you win. From a team you can select only 7 players at most. You also have to select a captain and vice-captain. The captain gets double, on the other hand the vice-captain gets a point and a half.

In batting fantasy, a player has to pick 5 batsmen from both the teams and the performance of the selected batsmen will decide how much money you win.

Bowling fantasy is also similar to batting fantasy, in this you just have to choose 5 bowlers. The average of wickets, economy, runs scored and bowler decides how much a player can win, the most important thing in the BalleBaazi app is that a player can transfer his prize amount to a bank account.

If you are a pro in fantasy cricket and want to play strong, then you can join mega league. With this you can win up to 15 lakh rupees. In this, not only the best player will get the prize, but the price will be distributed among the 600 players who play the league.

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