5 WWE Superstars who now do jobs and livelihood like ordinary people


While living in WWE, the life of many superstar wrestlers changed and from normal life, his life became like a superstar. But there are some wrestlers whose relationship with WWE broke down and they started living a normal life again and started working. Now we will tell you about 5 such superstars.

1. Paul Burchell

Paul Burchell was a good wrestler in WWE. He was good at tag team wrestling, but his career was not very successful in WWE and in 2010 he separated from WWE. Now Paul Burchel works as a firefighter.

2. Traver Murdoch

Traver Murdoch was a good tag team wrestler. Traver Murdoch also won the tag team championship and was also the tag team champion for a long time. After leaving WWE in 2008, Traver Murdoch also worked with a few other wrestling companies, but after retiring, started working as a cable operator and is happy with his family today.


3. Lyla

Lyla was a brilliant female wrestler and at one point Divas has also been the champion. Lyla was one of the top female wrestlers of all time and she had a name in women’s wrestling. When Laila retired from the wrestling world, Raiola then started working in a real estate company and now she does business there.

4. Muhammad Hussain

Muhammad Hussain was a major Muslim face of WWE at that time. Muhammad Hussain gained considerable fame when WWE used him as a Muslim face. The real name of Muhammad Hussain is Mark and now he is away from the wrestling world. Now Muhammad Hussain is the principal in a school.


5. Vicki Guerrero

Vicki Guerrero has been a very famous general manager. He did a lot of work as a general manager in Raw and Smack Down. She became very famous as a hill. He worked with such as Edge, Dolph Ziggler. In 2014 she separated from the wrestling world and now works in a pharma company.

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