5 such enemies of WWE who killed each other in real life

A picture that comes to us as soon as we hear the name of wrestling, that is a picture that comes in front of us is that of two known enemies who are fighting as if both of them are thirsty for each other’s blood, seeing their match it seems It is just today that this should be their last match, they have come to the ground only to avenge the old rivalry.

But if the truth is talked about, it is all reel life. This is the life that is shown to you on the screen, but if the reality is known, the truth that emerges is far from this bloody battle. If they talk about their real life, then in real life, they can also be good friends. In this episode, today we will tell you five such names who are very good friends of each other in real life.

Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Siempa


5 ring life enemies of WWE are in real life

This is what we are talking about in Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Siempa’s reel life being arch enemies of each other. His enmity is known as the biggest enemy in the history of the brand NXT, which was further exacerbated when he was defeated in tags like The Reviver.


This was in the year 2017 when Tomasso Siempa at NXT Takeover beat the Gargans by attacking them badly. After which this enmity drew for almost 2 years. Despite all this, both of them are very good friends in real life.

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